To Whom it may Concern:

Pursuant, and in reaction to, evidence that you have made claims that you represent ClearTV in the capacity of a purchasing agent or broker, none of which is true, correct, or honorable, you are directed to immediately return any and ALL TYPES OF COMMUNICATION RELATED TO, AND BELONGING TO, ClearTV Media and its affiliates.

Please be advised that the undersigned, pursuant to the authority vested in me, hereby directs and instructs you, your employees, officers, directors, attorneys, associates, intermediaries, and affiliates to immediately Cease and Desist from:

• Taking any further action with, under or in respect to any of the documentation, instruments and information prepared, provided, delivered and/or executed by or on behalf of ourselves all of which are hereby expressly declared to be null and void.

• Contacting, communicating, attempting to contact or communicate or directing or requesting another party to contact or communicate with the undersigned, any and all clients, our attorneys or our banks or any of its officers, directors, employees or representatives of the above persons named with respect to my accounts or any funds or instruments on deposit therein.

• Arranging, committing, reserving or attempting to arrange, commit or reserve a transaction or contract for our benefit which you may have received documentation for from us or from other parties on our behalf.

• Executing, entering into, committing or attempting to execute, enter into or commit to any contract utilizing our documentation.

• Taking any further action in respect to any representation of any kind to utilize our individual name(s) or our corporate name, documents, instruments, etc. verbally or in written form, upon receipt of this Order.

• You are hereby further directed to immediately destroy any and all originals and all copies, facsimiles and otherwise, of any and all documentation, instruments and materials provided to you by or on behalf of myself and/or any corporation, or by unrelated third parties who were not authorized to provide you with documentation or materials, or the corporation in connection with the above referenced matters as of this date as these documents are considered proprietary information.

• You are hereby further directed to immediately cease taking any other actions for or on behalf of ourselves or our documents of any nature whatsoever. Any and all authority you have assumed or otherwise claimed to have to represent the interests of or act on behalf of our corporation is hereby terminated effective immediately. You are further directed to immediately give notice of the contents hereof to all your partners, associates, employees, officers, directors, attorneys, and affiliates, who have been involved in these matters.

You are hereby forewarned of the legal liabilities that will result upon violation of this order, any misrepresented, sanitized, fraudulent or altered documentation which is sent or forwarded by post, fax or any other means to any person(s) or entity involved, shall be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities for criminal prosecution.
Be advised that any attempt to defame, slander, libel or discredit the responsible parties in any way whatsoever shall be deemed as a basis for civil liability on the part of the offending party.

You must destroy all documents and cease your activities immediately. In the event this notification is violated, I will avail myself of, and reserve the right to proceed with any and all remedies, criminal and/or civil, but not limited to the H.R. 3723, including notification to the International Chamber of Commerce, The Federal Reserve of the United States of America, the Central Banks of the Major Trading Countries, the OCC and the Swiss and European Civil and Criminal Court Systems and governing authorities related to individual licensing or registration.


Mr. Henry Mauriss
Chief Executive Officer & Director




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